When I was younger, the holiday season was spent in Mexico, my motherland. As I’ve grown older, and more responsibilities have been given to me, those trips have become obsolete. My busy American life has filled my being with hectic “to-do” schedules and never ending routines of “be here” and “do that.” Deep sigh.

This morning, I woke up thinking about Mexico and the country-living my parents took me out of, at age three. I thought about the blue sky, the tall palm-like trees, the markets filled with busy merchants, the food stands, and of the warm-breeze (mostly).

I suppose the only really reason I’m missing the south so much is because today for the first time all fall, I was cold. Cold to the bones. Tis’ the season I know. It’s too much to bare and yet it’s ever so appropriate.

I’m currently on break, officially, as of 1 p.m. I won’t be surrounded by students for awhile and so I’m left to enjoy the company of a good book,  tea, and this, Mexican festive top.

While I can’t be in Mexico, I can be here, reminiscing and wearing this top that makes me feel so much closer to my roots.

Outfit: Top was gifted, hat from Forever 21, and blocked heels from H & M.


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