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I was completely lost this morning when my students asked what we’d be working on. Thanksgiving break was nice to me and last Tuesday seemed so far away.

It’s always hard for me to return to school after a long break. I almost have to train my brain to work. However, once we all got into the swing of things, students included it’s a great feeling to be productive.

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I were talking about self-worth. Because of my past relationship, it’s a little hard for me to value myself, I’m learning to love myself again –it’s just hard–

Sometimes my insecurities get in the way, but the boyfriend is by far a better human than I’ll ever be. I guess that’s why he’s my significant other. He’s the other side of me right now. The side that sees all the good, the pretty, the funny, even the perfect when I feel ugly, useless, and boring.

He challenged me to see in the mirror what he sees in me and I’m going to follow direction. Not just for him of course, but for me.

So, in an effort to lift myself up, because that’s healthy; I dressed up for work and did myself up good after the small break. Looking at myself this morning, I felt rest, beautiful, wonderful, and needed by my students. I owe it to them, to my family, the boyfriend, and even to myself to feel good and know I’m more than enough for all the people in my life.

I’m head-to-toe in Forever 21. The turtle-neck is my favorite because it adds a splash of color to the black suit. The shoes are super comfy and they instantly give me a combination of formal and comfort. Also, I decided to add lipstick, and I did so by using the Chocolate color shade by Revlon.


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