Theology Thursday: Advent


Ever since I can remember, during the month of December, something wonderful would take place every single year.

The church would dress in purple. My favorite color. I would marvel at the drapery, the candles, and the priest in the most wonderful shade of purple.

Later, this sudden change at church would mean that Christmas was right around the corner.

While my family instilled that the true meaning of Christmas wasn’t just about getting presents, but the most significant present we would receive was the birth of our Lord and Savior; I wasn’t too sure of the true meaning of Christmas and advent.

Yes, I knew that Jesus was born for the sins of this world, and that it wasn’t easy for Mary and Joseph to make that journey. At home, we had the nativity set up underneath the tree and only a handful of presents. In addition, our family celebrated Posadas and we prayed rosaries leading up to Christmas Eve. That was routine, it was scheduled, it was always present. I understood that we “had” to do those things.

It wasn’t until recently (remember my faith is maturing) that I realized what all that actually meant beyond the sole significant purpose.

The wreath, the purple, the nativity set, the praying, that was all in preparation. It was a preparation for what’s to come– peace, joy, and hope.

Now that’s a merry season!

 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting  Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

 As of Sunday, I’ve been contemplating how I was going to prepare my soul for Christ in a way that would be dignifying . It’s a hard thing to do when in reality it shouldn’t be. What I didn’t realize was that Jesus already had it all planned out. It’s wonderful when he sneaks up on us like that. Like Isaiah said in the verse above He is our wonderful counselor.

My preparation for his coming will be a part of this year’s Christmas Play my church puts together every year. The role I’ll be playing is none other than Virgin Mary. What a blessing!

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be done to me as you have said.”

Luke 1:38

This year for Christmas I’m hoping to gift my time to the Lord through this play and through the role of Mary. I’m offering this as pure servitude. God has called me to play this part because he want me to be like Mary, faithful and hopeful of what’s to come. And like her, He wants me to pray. I can’t think of a better way to prepare for this holiday season than to be my Lord’s servant.

How do you prepare for advent and Christmas?

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