Tomato Pesto and BBQ Chicken


I’m a huge foodie. By this I mean that I won’t oppose to eating. I will eat your food without complaint and hesitation on the contrary with pleasure I’ll delight my tummy.

Here’s the thing. I don’t cook. At all.

As of late though I’ve had my running with almost burning the place down, spilling the salt and pepper everywhere, blowing up the oven, and yes even cutting my finger while dicing carrots. I’m a joke, but I’m also not a quitter. I won’t quit at eating because I darn like food.

Through this series, I hope to share with you what I’ve been cooking up my sleeve. Literally. Hehe.

Last night I cooked this for the boyfriend and guess what, he actually woke up this morning healthy as can be. I passed the test.

Thank you Tasty Cookbook!

Here’s how I cooked two different styles of chicken a la parchment paper.

Here’s what you need for both plates.


I used asparagus, tomato, potato, and onion. All at my discretion (maybe this is why I’m no good at cooking). This recipe also used olive oil, salt, pepper, pesto, and barbecue sauce. I used the hickory sauce so that the hint of spice could add flavor to the chicken.


And of course you need chicken, chicken breasts to be exact.

The first of the set is tomato pesto chicken.


Set your parchment paper up, I cooked two, so I made sure to use a paper size that would be sufficient to fit both chickens and items. First I placed the asparagus, then the olive oil, salt, and pepper. On top went the chicken. Then using a spoon, I placed the pesto, and lastly went the tomato. After wrapping the parchment paper, I baked both chicken at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Now I hadn’t tasted pesto in my life. I wasn’t sure how it would taste or what flavor it would add to the chicken. I was very hesitant even because the smell was a little different than what I was used too. However, the flavor was very subtle and unique. Even more so, I’m excited to try pesto in more of my cooking.

Next up is the BBQ Chicken also using parchment paper.


I used the same process, with the parchment paper as before. At the bottom began the potato, then the olive oil, salt, and pepper. Next I laid the chicken breast. Lastly I coated the chicken with the hickory bbq sauce I had at hand and I topped that off with sliced onions.

With these ingredients, the chicken cooked to perfection. The hickory style bbq sauce gave the chicken a spicy twist in combination with the onion. Overall, out of the two, this chicken was my favorite.

We paired both chickens with white rice.

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