Always and Again: Traditional Print

Today is a special day for me spiritually, but also culturally. It’s the day we celebrate our Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary.

In the Latin American culture, Mary appeared to San Juan Diego. For those of you who don’t know the story, San Juan Diego, a humble native Indian carried out what the virgin specified. And so, Mexico converted to Christianity when the first church was built in 1531 in Tepeyac. This part of history is important, as I celebrate this daily while I try to live in a pleasing way for my God.

Now something significant that I acknowledge about the Virgin Mary and San Juan Diego is that they were both obedient and said yes. Mary said yes to God and hence our Savior was born. San Juan Diego said yes and hence I’m able to know and practice my faith.

I suppose the lesson in all of this is to say yes!


Today, I’m reminded a lot about culture. I’m proud of roots. When I saw this traditional piece, typical of the state of Veracruz, Mexico, I had to have it. Why, because it reminds me of my ancestors, my family, my culture, and my motherland. I’m proud to be American, but I’m even more proud to be Mexican-American.

That’s why, this piece of clothing has been repeated Always and Again. It’s a favorite and from this post, I hope you can see why.

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