The cold weather calls for a bit of comfort and a lot of utility. I love this jacket, but I can only wear a little bit into December. During the noon hours it’s perfect, but at night, forget it. I freeze. However one of the things I like to wear with this light jacket is a hooded sweater. This gives it some personality.

Something interesting about this look is the fact that the boyfriend (he now has a face, scroll on down) sort-of-kind of matched me when I wore this. He also wore a stripped sweater, similar to mine and an army green vest, similar to the jacket. We’ve “matched” twice before. We don’t plan it so we sure turn red with embarrassment every time we do this. It’s quiet funny yet romantic.

Tomorrow is my last day of school then break. I need one as much I love to work. I’m just ready to re-charge the batteries.


Ta-da! Welcome Micah, my love to  Always A!

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