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During the holiday, I was filled with family and boyfriend time, so it was a little hard for me to blog. On Christmas Eve, I spent the majority of my time at church and with family. Per our tradition, we opened presents on the night of. Then the boyfriend took me celebrate Christmas with his family. Needless to stay, I’m so blessed and this has been by far the best holiday season, to-date!

Because during Christmas Eve we attended church service, I wore this dress and blazer from JCPenny. It’s a huge family tradition to also wear red so this outfit was perfect. I typically wear this during my teacher hours, so for me, it’s multi-purpose. *Remember, I’m trying to be that girl.

Right now, I’m blogging on the road because the boyfriend gifted me a ski trip to Colorado. I’m super excited to be going because I’ve never gone. We will be testing out the GoPro that I got during Black Friday. We are both equally excited for that. I’m more excited to spend time with this guy because lately we haven’t been able to get on the same page with time.

The five hour drive has consisted of him singing Garth Brooks and George Strait. It’s music to my ears!

Cheers friends, wherever you are, from around the world and into your home.

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