Love in the Snow


December was an important month for Micah and I, not only because it marked month 8 for us, but because our relationship took a turn. Since day one, we’ve been seriously in love, and each day, week, and month I grow more in love with him. What’s even better is that I feel Micah feels the same way.

For Christmas, he gifted me a ski trip. I was jumping for joy when he told all about it.

Now don’t be surprised when I tell you that this trip wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, I had the time of my life, but it wasn’t all snow angels. In the beginning I was having fun, I was hopeful, and I was eager to learn. Micah was the best teacher I could have ever asked for. However, as quick as I was to learn to ski, as quick as I was to fall–not once–but 10 times. Falling was hard, but what was even harder was getting back up. The falls not only hurt my body, but also my pride.

Micah was as loving as ever, he helped my spirits, and lifted me up (literally). I know I’m making it worse than it actually was and trust me, I laughed at myself every chance I got. I mean just picturing how ridiculous I must have looked, make me laugh out loud.

But then I got tired, wet, cold, and right out worn out. The last run wasn’t nearly has fun because I got myself into a tiny situation. I fell hard and couldn’t pick myself up because my entire body was dead at this point. I stopped right in the middle of the hill. Panic entered my body. Micah was at the bottom looking up, watching me, waiting for me to get up and continue. Except I didn’t.

Because I was in the middle of the hill, I had to quickly pick up my unattached ski and head for the tree, except that was the worst idea I could have ever had. I landed in deep snow and sunk. Like quick sand. So I panicked. I attempted to grab onto a tree to pull myself up, but nothing. So I cried. As Micah approached, I sunk myself further into the snow. He tried to pulled me up, but for some reason, I panicked even more. He stayed still and just stared at this woman, he thought he knew, but couldn’t really recognize. I felt like a fool. But, I couldn’t help it. So I uttered the words, “I’ll walk down.” Micah said, “are you serious?” And that’s when I lost it because the tone in his voice was a mixture of sad and utter disappointment. What he thought of me was all of sudden more important than how I ridiculous I looked and felt.

Determined to make it through I, I got up, and when I did, boom –I ate snow– I looked up at Micah, ashamed, but he laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh either.

“Was that a psychological breakdown you just had?” He asked.  I suppose I did have a meltdown. But, let me tell you, that meltdown made me stronger (mentally) and my relationship grew more. That little tiff, although embarrassing, helped draw me closer to my love.

Sometimes, in a relationship, meltdowns need to happen. Sometimes it’s important for your significant other to really know who you are. That’s what makes it real. That’s what makes relationships worth while. That’s what makes love grow. Micah holding my hand and looking me right in the face with tender love made me realize that I’m right where I need to be.

Now, I probably don’t need to have meltdown all the time, but when and if I do, I know Micah will love me, regardless.

The video features my new GoPro, I hope you enjoy how much I fun I had. It also captures so fun wipe out moments.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! As always.

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