Back with the blues


Yesterday felt nice on the bones, today, brrrr. I didn’t realize how cold it was today until I walked out in this outfit. I mean it’s semi-warm, but it’s not winter approved by any means. The wind gusting made it almost unbearable, but I managed to brave through it in order to share with you guys this dress and take care of some last minute errands before I return to work.

Within the last couple of months, I had signed up for Stitch Fix, and I absolutely loved it. The only problem was that I wasn’t able to buy the majority of the items because they didn’t fit my body type (sporty-petite)! It’s a hard life sometimes. However, I fell in love with this dress because the looseness fit my vibe. Also any dress that has pockets scored major points for me! So I purchased it. I’ve wore it so many ways, including with leather leggings, and utility boots. I added the jean vest for some coolness. I think it looks great behind the blue background.

I’m off to watch some basketball so I’ll probably change into something warmer.

Don’t let the mother nature deceive you, stay warm!


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