Work Wear 1

I  know it’s silly to start posting about what I wear during the work week on a Thursday, but can you just be jealous of me for one minute, that’s when I started working again. Any how, I’ve created a new tab titled Work Wear, in which I want to share with you guys snaps of what I wear to work.

I sometimes feel like my closet is two different people. On one end, I’m very formal, on the other very laid back. I’d like to share with you all the difference. Ive struggled all my life with these two sectors and it’s about time to just give up and embrace it. I’m versatile and that’s okay. I have no fashion sense and that okay. I mismatch, and that’s okay.

I’m okay with it all, hence this blog.

Anyhow, I promise to keep this series going and deliver you Monday thru Friday content.

Enjoy this “terrible two” starter pack. See ya Monday!


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