Health Week Day 2: Hair Happy


Yes being healthy sometimes means getting a workout, but for it me it also means taking care of other areas, like my hair.

I used to have pretty, long, jet black hair then I hit the salon and well you know that goes.

So now it’s my mission to give my hair some therapy. It needs it.

As of late, I only wash my hair every other day, unless I workout consistently then it’s every day. After the shower, I make sure to oil it up with a leave conditioner and serum.

Currently my favorite hair products are Not Your Mother’s. They work amazing. They smell amazing. I discovered the “Way to Grow” line last year and let me tell you, it’s been amazing, not to mention the leave conditioner works wonders on my split ends.


My hair isn’t all the way perfect… yet, but from the help of this line, it’s sure to be better than before. I’ll have to share with you all a hair evolution post sometime, because the results are worthy of it.


The hair needs vitamins too, so the ones I take are by Spring Valley and the Women’s Vitafusion. So fair I have noticed so much change in my skin, hair, and nails that I hardly even wear makeup and I have to trim my nails every week. Crazy stuff. The two products in the back are the Tresemme Keratin Smoothing Serum I use in combination of the leave conditioner. The other is the Agadir Hair Shield which is a must if  you’re heavily putting your hair through heat. This product is my favorite because it not only products, but it also creates shine and a smooth fine. #winning

The word health is so extensive. It’s also a mindset–weird. Who wants to think about their health? Ha! It’s important to look at a small fraction of what we put in our bodies, but also on our bodies. Can’t wait share day 3 with you all tomorrow. As always.

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