Health Week Day 3: Love Your Skin

It’s a little late, but I hope you will still can enjoy this post.

I’ve been blessed with pretty okay skin. It’s okay in the sense that I’ve never been ashamed of it, but it certainty isn’t 100% flawless. When I was younger, I would abuse it to the max soaking it hour after hour in the sun and I kid you not, not washing my face free of makeup EVER! Gasp.

Today, and drawing closer to 30, I’ve realized it’s time to really take notice of my skin. It’s important for our overall health to wear sunscreen, to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. I do that now, everyday, and the results are amazing. For the sake of being healthy, follow suit.

For the most part I use makeup remover every night and I wash my face clean with cool water. Then I moisturize using e.l.f. Hydrating Serum. Because my skin is slightly aging (not a lot, but some) this serum helps lock in moisture to reduce the look of fine lines for glowing and healthy looking skin. Since I’m slowly aging, I’ve noticed that my fine lines are more visible. They appear more on my forehead and my frown lines. But, this moisturizer has minimized that drama in my life.

The second wrinkle therapy I use is from Neutrogena. I use this eye cream mainly around the corner of my eyes to minimize those so called crows-feet.

Lastly and not very often, I use OXY Acne Medication “Rapid Spot Treatment.” I use this around incoming acne, my face never breaks out heavily, but during menstruation I get one or two, or even a million spots. This thing works wonders. Within two night of leaving it set, I’m cleared instantly.


Stay tun tomorrow as health week continues! As always.


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