On the go


Sorry that I’m posting late. Today, I had to run to the DMV to tag my new car. Afterwards, I went to the store to run errands. Then I had to go back to the school and pick up papers I forgot in the copier. Later I had to help my parents with a couple of items.

All the while, I ran around in this outfit. There’s nothing too special about it. For me, it’s simple and street ready. I enjoy wearing pieces like this sweater often because it gives off such a neutral vibe. I love the color black (outfit wise) so it’s natural that I use my go to boots to make this outfit stand out.

Again, it was one of those days where it’s warm, but extremely chilly hence why I have my camo jacket around my waist. I’m not growing fond of the winter weather, in fact, I wish it be gone. One thing that lifts my spirits is that the sun is setting much later, which makes for longer-feeling days. That’s a plus.


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