Sunny warm


If you live in Kansas, days like today are cherished. And that’s exactly what I did when I left work and discovered it was warm, but not just any kind of warm, sunny warm. The first three months of the year are typically brutally cold, but today we reached up 67 degrees. It felt nice… really nice.

So to celebrate this day of grace, I only wore a sweater to work and my favorite-thin trousers from Forever 21. I paired the black bottoms with one of my favorite sweater. It was a gift from my favorite aunt for one Christmas and I cherish it dearly. The majority of my clothes comes from family members that know I’d rock any outfit. Or at least try too.

Today, as I was planning out February, I realized just how busy I was going to be. It’s bittersweet. I enjoy running around, but I also enjoy “me” time. Either way when it’s warm it makes it better to be run around and tackle those errands. And also if you’ve got a nice outfit to help with the “busy” vibe.

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you all tomorrow.


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