It’s Purple


I finally get to wear some purple on the blog. It’s my favorite color even though it doesn’t seem like it because I wear black so much. It seems so funny that the two colleges I attended sported purple. I was thrilled, so saying yes, was easier.

I don’t own a lot of purple per say, but this sweater that I got from JCPenney has been seen by many, especially at work. I’ve paired this sweater with everything, from a casual-jean-on-the-go look, to a church-ready-style, to a workable outfit. It’s so versatile.

So today wasn’t in the 60s weather wise, but it was still okay to just wear a sweater, and I’m certainly not complaining. What I will stomp my feet at is the fact that it’s always so darn windy out. I had to hold my hair still throughout this entire shoot.

We will see what tomorrow holds. As always.


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