Not all black


Hello everyone, it’s Aley once again reporting about how terribly cold I am and how much I’m not liking it. I’m such a wimp. I’m such a complainer.

Today was so much more colder than yesterday. So I wore this number. The simple-black turtle neck to bear the cold. This is paired with black high-waist jeans, a trendy belt, and black oxfords. However, it’s not all black. The jacket is an old one that my mom gifted me. She wore this back in the 80’s. Check out those shoulder pads! I’m not really sure where she got it from, but once I saw it in her closet, I asked to have it. She said yes. Of course I don’t wear it all the time, but when I do it makes me feel like I’m being my mom. That’s a good thing.

What I love the most about this jacket is the way it forms to my body. Surprisingly enough it’s warm too. I hope to conserve this jacket so that if I’m granted with a daughter, she can wear it too.

Back to the crazy weather, today was 36 degrees out, tomorrow it’s going to be 68 degrees. What gives? As always.


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