Heart on that sleeve


I’m posting a little later today because it’s so gorgeous out. We basically hit the 70s. It was so usually scary.

It was the perfect opportunity to show off one of my recent purchases from Zara! I had heard of Zara in the past, but hadn’t gotten the chance to purchase anything. However, I’m in the process of sort of revamping my closet so I felt like the time was right to peek. The online store is to die for. I purchased four articles of clothing and a pair of shoes. But, if I could, I could have easily cleared the bank. I will later.

Right now, let’s marvel at this top! OOhhh Aaahh. It feels so great and it look even better. I absolutely love the detail in the sleeve with the ruffle. It’s so pre-spring. With this top, I paired with liked colors. I plan on wearing this top more often then not, so beware, it will make a repeat. As always.


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