#3 Living with you

I wasn’t able to post about an outfit today because I had after school conferences.

From time-to-time I’m busy talking to student’s parents, but often not there’s some down time. That’s lovely at times. Because I’m having some time to think I want to share with you all what’s been on my heart lately.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve realized (not that I didn’t already know) just how much Micah has touched my heart. Without back tracking to the past; I can honestly say with all certainty that, my bear, has healed all wounds. It didn’t take him long as every time I gaze into his deep blue eyes I’m fascinated by his being. He makes me feel secure, even when we fight. He makes me feel beautiful, even without makeup on. He makes me feel smart, even when I can’t remember the multiplication table of 7. He makes me feel special, even when everything is going against me or us.

He’s probably going to kill me when he reads this post, but even so he makes me feel confident enough to express who I am.

*Weather update, cause I guess I’m that obsessed now, today was in the low 30s. Tomorrow we will be the 50s. Friday it will be a warm 80! Sheesh.

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