Hey! What a great Friday! It’s close to 80s and I’m feeling it. It was the perfect time to bare some legs. It’s much needed. As you can see the legs are a bit on the pale side, but they are pleased to feel some warmth.

The weekend is going to be great. It’s my brother’s weekend on Sunday and we are going to Wichita to celebrate! I’m excited for family time with the boys (my brothers).

Back to today’s outfit. I bought this dress in Norway about three year’s ago. It’s one of my favorites. I wear it, but not often. Here’s what I love about it: it’s thin, flowy, neutral, long, but not short, versatile, and detailed in just the right place. I love the ruffle at the bottom.

I paired this dress with my fringe coat and black booties to give it a cool girl vibe.

I’m trying to be cool, all right? See you Monday! As always,


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