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Since I’ve been taking Skin, Hair, and Nail vitamins (full post can be found here) and my skin has taking a wonderful turn.

I have to admit my skin isn’t perfect, it’s not always perfect, and it probably won’t ever be perfect, however I can make it the best it can be. Because I have been taking these wonderful vitamins my skin is looking 100 percent more healthy. It’s wonderful. So great in fact, that I’ve resulted in wearing only a light BB Cream for my daytime looks. Now because I still have blemishes and various imperfections from time-to-time I still use foundation, especially for coverage purposes.

beauty-1As you can see there isn’t a whole lot of difference in to the images above and for that I’m thankful. I follow a pretty relaxed skin care routine every night and along with the vitamins my skin almost looks perfect

My every day foundation is L’Oreals’s True Match in warm biege W4. I’ve a straight up drug store girl. I enjoy this foundation so much because it’s easy to apply, it stays put, and it’s shine free. These area ll things I need in order to maintain a low key lifestyle. I can wear this around for hours without having to do a single touch up. It’s perfect for night outs, for shooting photographs for my blog, and also for when I know I’ll have a long day.

On the other hand is my favorite BB Cream from the Maybelline Dream Pure in Medium/Deep Sheer tint collection. As of late, I’ve been obsessed with wearing just bb cream all day. I’ve been wearing it to school lately and so far the wear lasts. Now, I must say that the coverage isn’t 100 percent. Of course it shouldn’t be because it’s just a tint. But, for light and everyday coverage, this is the bb cream of choice.

Thoughts? As always.

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