Flower punch



The weather has been a major tease lately. It’s seriously confusing me and at times, making me angry. It’s so hard to plan for the day with the unexpected cold fronts or the sudden rays of heat. But today I said, “oh the heck with it,” and opted for wearing this coral colored spring dress. A girl can dream of spring, right?

Because it’s not quiet spring yet, I paired the dress with my black sandals and leather jacket, for again my take on the cool-girl vibe. Hehe. Combining soft and tough is one my favorite staples. I’m always looking for ways to edge out my delicate pieces. I typically throw on a leather jacket or military boots to achieve the fem-edge look? I’m fond of it.

Weather permitting, I’d like show off my legs a little more. Not for you, but for me cause man they need the sun. I’ll keep you posted. As always.


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