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A lot can happen in a week, whether it’s for good or bad. For one week I didn’t post anything on here. For one week I’ll be exploring San Francisco with my best friend. That’s the extend of how much a week makes a difference. One thing is for certain, I want to take every week and give it a purpose. A week of fulfillment right now means that while I’m living, breathing, and loving my week is already fruitful.

From Monday to right now, I’ve been running up and down. I was busy for multiple reasons. It was frustrating when I couldn’t get everything accomplished. I know this sounds like a sob rant, but in all honesty, I was busy because if I stoppef for one minute to think about my trip to San Francisco I’d totally freak out! I leave to California for the first time in less than 12 hours. I should be sleeping, but I’m too busy thinking if I packed everything properly.

Maybe I’ll miss a couple of things, but right now sheer excitment is filling my being.

Today, I woke up early and I danced around. I also packed, went to the bank, filed my taxes (cause I’m a procrastor), watched One Tree Hill while I filled the washer and drier, and I napped. It was great! While I ran errands, I wore my favorite sneakers. I also wore this jean skirt that I wear often and when it’s necessary to look hip and lowkey. It’s my favorite combo.

Again, I’m excited for San Fran. I’m excited to see my friend. I’m excited to escape Kansas for a bit. I’m excited to life my week to the fullest.


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