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This week I was in San Francisco visiting my best friend. I had the best time of my life. I did a lot of tourist type things because I just needed to be that person. I might mention that this was my first trip out to the west coast. What can I say, I’m just a sheltered small town girl. I’m exploring so bear with me.

While I’m excited to share everything that I saw, ate, and wore while I was in San Fran; right now I want to take a moment and appreciate just how much I missed Kansas. It was a lot!

It’s strange to think anyone would honestly miss the open range where there’s nothing to do but watch cattle out in the pasture. But, I missed that! I missed the quiet. The non-traffic filled streets. The stars that blanket over the wheat fields at night. The home-sweet-home vibe.

Don’t get me wrong, the city is amazing simply because it’s filled with good food and shopping areas. Visiting a place like San Francisco is great simply because I know I’m just visiting.

Because I was nostalgic for Kansas and the “Wild West,” I decided to post an outfit I was unable to post from last week. I wore this sexy (my idea of sexy is …)  and edgy skirt with leather boots after school one evening. It was windier that heck. I really love showing of my legs and I haven’t been able to because the weather never seems to cooperate. It was still pretty chilly last week too, so the red sweater gives this outfit a splash of color and makes for a cool accent.

I’m currently sitting at the airport in Denver on a two hour layover. It’s perfect because I have some time to upload my photos (I took many) and get organized so that I can start sharing with you all my adventure in California.

Much love, as always


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