San Francisco Part 2


Not for lack of trying, but lately I’ve been in a weird funk. The main reason is because quiet frankly I’ve been such a busy bee. It’s been exhausting at times and more often than not I find myself uninspired by life. It goes without saying, but I need a slow me down. Fast.

Today, as I was sitting and contemplating life, I realized that inspiration is all around me. This said inspiration comes within my students, my athletes, my boyfriend, Jesus, my clothes and makeup, but also from nature. It wasn’t until I had some downtime to blog again that I realized that while I was in San Francisco, my main enthusiasm came from the outdoors. It was right then and there, as evident as could be, that I found inspiration at Muir Redwood Park.

I have the pictures to prove it.

When I first bought my DSLR I obviously wanted to kick start this blog and post about clothes and makeup, but in reality all I took pictures of were leaves, flowers, and bark. My sudden interest with Mother Nature came with how the outdoor made me feel. I was connected with all things living and breathing, altering, transforming, and generating a sense of peace with the fresh air. From the water painted skies, to the cool dirt, to the rough bark, to the simplicity and texture of a single flower; I loved to capture nature in all it’s poetic forms.

So when my friend took me this park, my heart immediately fluttered. It was a warm day, but cool in the shadow areas. It was perfect to see the dew from the bark. It was perfect enough to marvel at the height and power of these trees. Figures I’d never seen before. The red reminded me of clay, but the texture was fine and structured. The sound of the flowing water in the rivers that surrounded these giants eased my worries. I was literally transformed into a world where relaxing wasn’t a chore. And the tiny sparkles of green added a colorful dimension that filled the area with life.

For many this park was simply just that, but for me it was an escape, a treasure that filled my emptiness and desire to find my lacking inspiration.


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