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Today’s post brings us back to the Muir Redwood Park in San Francisco. Yesterday I mentioned how much I enjoyed visiting this area because I marveled at the beauty of nature.

Today I want to talk about what I wore during the nature walk. I didn’t know this, but San Francisco is notorious for unexpected weather. Go figure, just like Kansas. The weather cooperated the majority of the time I was visiting San Fran. Some days were warm, others cool, other days moist. I didn’t know what it would be like. Much to my surprise leggings were my go too item.

During the nature walk I wore these leggings, which are my favorite because they are thick enough to be warm, but also comfortable enough. In addition, I wore my utilitarian jacket almost everywhere, especially to the park because where the sun didn’t hit–I shivered. One of my favorite brands in active wear is Under Armour, which is where my top is from.

Lastly, I rocked my Royals baseball cap, mainly because I missed home and partly because I wanted to sport a little piece of back home.

This outfit made for walking the park easy, comfortable, and flexible, which is what I needed in order to enjoy every inch of these giants.

Sorry I’m posting so late, as always.


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