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It’s hard to talk to someone and to explain them a specific point if they aren’t willing to listen.

When DACA comes to mind, I think of that exact notion. Why isn’t congress or our president listening to our cry? We are distraught. We are fearful. We have doubt. We feel betrayed. We feel at a loss. But, we have hope.

There is hope in this nation; in this Great America.

While the fate of 800,000 Dreamers is at stake, what we do have is each other. I was lucky enough to migrate to this country and obtain permanent residency, which later lead to citizenship. However, I take a firm stance in helping my brothers and sisters, the sole reason; I’m proud of where I came from. I’m happy to come from such a strong group of people. I’m inspired, to say the least, at the drive and desire each immigrant has to obtain a better life. Who wouldn’t want to be a part something so dignifying?

We’ve seen it on the news, we’ve heard about it through word of mouth, we’ve read about it in the papers, but what I still don’t understand and frankly I’m still searching for is–HUMANITY?

Where is our humanity? Where does it lie? Can we explain it? Are we strong enough to show it? Does it exist? It’s hard to see it when when congress decided to support the end of many hopes and dreams. When congress decided to say “just kidding.”

But I’m taking a stand to support, to lend a hand, to care, to show mercy, to show compassion to my kind of people. They influence me in so many ways.

While I was in Mexico, I walked the streets of Torreon, and saw how talented Mexicans really are. They search for opportunity. They search to improve. They search for a better life. The pictures from today’s post are of me while I visited my uncle. Micah and I spent a lot of time in the market areas, so we both were able to explore the culture up close. It was such a breath of fresh air to see Micah so willing to listen to the sounds, joy, and life of my homeland.

Isn’t that why we are here, to listen, to grow, to be better? So why can’t we take a stand against all those who who clearly don’t want a Greater America?

1146811Micah hanging out in El Centro de Torreon. 79Local artist placed their designs in the streets so that those who passed by could see their work. These cattle where my favorite. 412102313

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