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Hey loves, for sometime now I’ve been wanting to re-event my personal style, but it’s been hard. Fashion, clothes, and well art just give me so many options. I want to be everything from rocker girl- to sporty spice-to boho queen of the plains. I’ve been doing a lot of research and while I haven’t officially transitioned into my new inspiration, one accessory I’m dying to try more of is the hat!

Oh the hat, the bystander, my enemy. For sometime now I’ve wanted to experiment more with wearing hats, not on the regular, but often. Via blogs I follow and magazines I read, hats have appealed to me, however I don’t feel comfortable wearing them, for whatever reason.

Earlier this week I blogged about stepping out of our comfort zones, so here’s to second chances. I’m wearing a hat!

I picked this baby up at Coppel, a very unique Mexican variety store. When I saw it, I thought, this has to be the hat I talk about for the first time. Cheers to feeling confident. As always.DSC_0607DSC_0578DSC_0599DSC_0602DSC_0610DSC_0603DSC_0593DSC_0583DSC_0592


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