The Ramones


I love music. I don’t discriminate either. I can enjoy Chris Stapleton, jump to Rihanna, go back to TLC, star trek to Zedd, switch to Drake, then head bang to Guns n Roses.

Music is just so influential from the guitar, to the beats, to the authors who portray the lyrics. Music just touches my soul.

When I was in high school my love for clothes and rock collided. I bought a Ramones t-shirt from a thrift store in Wichita. I bought the shirt mainly for looks. It looked so cool, edgy, and for some reason it spoke to me. I had no idea what or who the Ramones where until I Google searched them.

Then I heard Rockaway Beach and I was sold. The beat was fast, catchy, and I could legit get up and dance around. Their music was both a combination of cool and edge. So like most high schoolers, I was influenced, badly. But it was a good thing for me. I felt like I had discovered what it truly meant to rock out.

So my collection of Ramones’ tees grew. I had my mom buy me black Converse and the rest was history. But not until a girl called me a poser? She quiet literally called me a fake and a wannabe. In my mind I thought, maybe she’s right. Who did I think I was anyway, parading around in 1970’s stuff that I knew nothing about. Intimidated, I ditched my rock-n-roll ways and adopted a style I wasn’t happy with. From then on I wore whatever, simply because I couldn’t find who I truly was.

But, then Pandora emerged and Guns n Roses came on the radio, then Def Leppard, then Kansas, then ACDC, and finally the Ramones… and I freaked out. Finally, the stars in the universe aligned and my soul rekindled. I was back!

So in an effort to truly bring you all who I really am, I’m going to re-transform myself into the best version of myself. Music had a way to help showcase the true me back then, and I want to honor that now. I owe it to myself and to my readers to just be ME! Unapologetically. As always.




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