Jacket time


It’s dreary in good ole Dodge. It’s been that way all week. There’s a storm coming, we can feel it, but it’s not quite here yet. Until then, it’s notably the time to officially bring out the jackets. Not the coats, but the sweaters, long sleeves, and my favorite– the leather jacket.

The thing that I love the most about this jacket from Forever 21 is that it has a removable hoodie. It’s so great for wet days, when the rain decides to grace us with its love, and not so much mercy. #ILoveuSun

In today’s look, I’ve paired my favorite leather jacket with this pretty dress from Bershka. Just like my Ramones tee, I love the choker-style top section. I feel like it gives off a modern and cool-vibe. I’m into that, lately.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I’m absolutely ready to turn another leaf, or year or two. It’s such a blessing for me to reach year 29. Life is always worth living and making it this far is just something to really be thankful for. I’ll be sure to post my birthday suit. So stay tune. As always and with lot’s of love. 137951062128

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