For comfort

It’s not so surprising to consider that with the right accessories an outfit can be transformed for any particular situation, event, outing, and most importantly for comfort.

I bought this skirt in the summer thinking solely on how much it would be seen at school– and it has–under different circumstances. As I’ve grown to adapt to my life out of the city, I’ve realized that in order to save time, packing an extra pair of shoes would be key. It’s been working. What also has been working is throwing in a nice sweater, jacket, or in this case this beautiful vest I purchased from the Buckle.

I’m a huge fan of the olive-military inspired wear and for months I’ve been searching endlessly for a good vest. I was thrilled when I caught eye on this beauty. There are two main reasons why I fell in love. 1. the simple yet complex back side. 2. it’s large and comfy.

As of late, I’ve been a huge fan of “over-size” anything. In the past it’s been hard for me to wear baggy clothing because of my petite frame, but now I embrace comfort for what it truly is. LIFE!

Throw in a pair of Converse and you can rule the world.

Hey gang, one more work day to go, let’s conquer it. As always.


  1. Vest: the Buckle
  2. Top: Maurices
  3. Skirt: Bershka
  4. Converse shoes


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