Mom jeans


I own a pair of very wonder and extremely comfortable boyfriend jeans. They own a tiny corner of my heart. That was, until recently, when I came to find the existence of mom jeans.

Holy moly…

Today’s post features my new favorite jeans from Zara. I got them on sale for $199 pesos. Which is about $20 US dollars. They are divine. They fit perfectly in all the right places. From previous posts concerning jeans, I’ve blogged about how difficult it is to find jeans that meet all of my needs. It’s hard people. I won’t go into the horrible details of my woes, but I will say that these Zara jeans hug me where needed, are loose and comfortable, where needed, and they are chic and modern.

Another cool detail from this pair is the around the belted area, the jeans fold over, and that gives them the ultimate cool-girl vibes I’ve been searching for lately. Ta-Da.

I’m also featuring this pretty masculine blazer jacket that I found at Bershka. I really love this blazer because it’s school appropriate and it also gives off a sophisticated street-style mood.

So far, with my new closet items, I’ve felt more and more like myself. It’s difficult to stand out of your shell, but man it feels so rewarding when you do. Cheers to being yourself. As always.



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