Chill effect


Today was surprisingly cold. I shouldn’t be shocked. It is however fall. But it was cold in the sense that even inside the crowded hallways at my school, the students were curled up, holding blankets, and even wearing sweaters. So it’s officially that time of the year and I definitely felt it this morning. That’s why I’m sporting this beautiful leather jacket that was gifted to me ages ago.

I own three pairs of leather jackets. My favorite is featured on here so much. The second is pretty and red. The third is this one. Now I know what you’re thinking and while this one in particular only makes No. 3 on the list, I don’t love it any less. In fact, I admire the cool color, the texture, the way it keeps me warm, and also the way it’s so light on my back. Those are all good qualities in a coat.

It seems like fall has officially kicked off here in Kansas, I’m hopeful as the fallen leaves, swing me into a new season. I hope that this new season is one where I can reflect, focus, and continue to strive through my dreams.

Don’t be afraid to let this new season be one of transformation. I’m rooting for you. As always.



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