Although school started back in August, I haven’t felt busier. I literally run non-stop all day. I enjoy staying active, but now in mid-October, I can’t seem to keep up. Energy-wise, I’m beat. Today was especially hard because we had early morning teacher meetings, which for me, always wear me out.

From school to off-work errands, I transitioned from heels to these combat boots. They’ve been on here once before when I first introduced them during my birthday.

I felt like while I was at school, I was sophisticated and professional. After school, I still remained those things, but I added the cool-girl badge just by simply changing my footwear. Score.

I also have to talk about my trousers, I got them from the Loft and they are to die for. They are comfortable and what’s more is that they actually fit. The Loft is the only store where I can find both affordable and size appropriate trousers. Their petite section is the best.

Well friends and those living in Kansas, we are back to decent weather. It’s hard to plan a good outfit around Mother Nature, but we can make it happen. Cheers to the sun being out. Happy Hump Day. As always.



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