Make it last


We both know that it’s just a matter of time before warm days are a thing of the summer. It’s a sad realization. But, we must accept that times are changing. Meanwhile, if God’s going to grace us with some warmth, let’s enjoy the moment.

I wish that I could make warmer weather carry on for longer, but it’s totally out of my control. So while it lasts, I wore short-shorts. I paired these bottoms with this over-sized sweater because it’s so cozy and fluffy. I know that the flower pattern of the shorts and the design of the sweater are completely different, but in my eye, they seem to tickle my fancy. Also, I’m trying to be more adventures and I’m experimenting with combining different pieces from my closet. This is a thrilling venture.

Now, tomorrow I’ll be blogging a little later. Micah is taking me to an Oklahoma State University football game. He’s really excited to go. And I’m excited for him. His enthusiasm is captivating. We haven’t taken a road-trip together in such a long time, the drive will help us catch up.

Life is great. Warm weather stay, but if you decide to be difficult, then just take it easy on us all. Thinking of you. As always.



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