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Lately I’ve been pretty frustrated with life. And it isn’t that life has been cruel or mean. It just hasn’t been a fun time. I understand that sometimes life can’t always please us and that we have to make an effort to be happy. I get that. But, a girl can complain a time or two here or there. Here’s that one time.

Micah and I haven’t been on the same page lately. I’m a little frustrated with work. My life schedule has been hectic with no down time. I know all of these things are temporary, and I’ll get over them, but what really seemed to cheer me up was getting to feature this cool dark red dress from Zaful. It seems silly, but it was just what I needed.

I had been waiting for this dress for such a long time that when it finally came I was thrilled. I wasn’t able to feature it on the blog as quickly as I would have liked because the Kansas weather is never very predicable. However, as soon as I saw some light, I jumped at the opportunity.

I paired the dress as a kimono on top of this basic tee I got while in Mexico this summer. Slick jeans were also included with my new, over-the-knee boots from Bershka. I really loved this look because it was just a different take on the dress. And the earring are just to die for.

It hasn’t been a good time in Aley’s world, but it’s the little things, like closet finds that really keep things moving. I want to embrace life; the good and the bad and take each day with a positive attitude. It’s a choice I’m willing to make. Keep me accountable and I’ll return the favor. As always.


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