Comfortable is good


As of late, I’ve been dressing in baggy and over-sized items. I mainly do it for comfort. Man doesn’t it feel great to feel secure in what you wear. That’s exactly what’s been happening to me.

I bought this sweater from Pacsun last year during the fall break. There was this amazing buy-one get one-free deal and obviously– you can’t pass that up. Burgundy is such a beautiful fall color. Sometimes when I think of marrying Micah I picture a deep sea of burgundy.

The sweater went perfectly with my over-size skirt that I purchased from Forever 21 ages ago. I usually wear this dress at work, but lately I’ve been trying to mix work-wear with street-wear.

Lastly, we have to talk about the accessories. Since my hair is finally growing in length; I’m able to do more with it. One of those things was to chop off my bangs, by myself, in a horrible manner. So in order to hide my imperfect fringe, I wore this pretty-simple headband also from Forever 21. I felt like it just gave this outfit a boho-feel.

I can hardly believe tomorrow is the end of the first quarter of school, three more to go, and it truly seems like time is FLYING. Keep me organized people. As always.




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