Motivation Monday

I totally get it, Monday’s are just the pits sometimes. I’m just as guilty of falling into a pattern where I seriously don’t want Sunday to end, but as of late, Monday’s have turned into a goal-driven day.

It’s the start of the week, so it’s perfect to try to get things accomplish, to aspire, to dream, to start over. Mostly important.

So I’m back in the gym, I’m back to blogging, I’m back to cleaning, and organizing. It feels great to just have that fresh start. Monday’s can be positive.

Today’s look comes as a short motivation to be daring. It’s my day-to-day challenge. So far I’m stepping out of my comfort zone even if I’m not seeing tremendous results; I won’t allow myself to be discouraged.

I bought this kimono from Forever 21 last year. When I first saw it I immediately had all these grand ideas of what to wear it with, but then I didn’t wear it. So as I was transitioning from summer to fall I realized that this was in my closet– a hidden jewel. Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until we search deep within. It’s so metaphorical, but it’s the truth. Sometimes, all along, we have exactly what we need. It’s right under our noises. And Monday’s are perfect for that.

Keep the motivation going. As always.



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