Oh Sugar! COVERGIRL Lipstick Review

Hello folks, it’s literally blowing about 40mph again today, and I’m sick of it. However, I’m not going to complain. Instead I want to feature a new set of lipsticks I’ve lately added to my collection.

The “oh sugar!” collection from COVERGIRL. These lipsticks are so unique in the sense that they are vitamin infused balms. Because they contain vitamins, they are creamy, and rich in texture. For me, these work so great because my lips tend dry more in the winter, like most girl’s lips probably do. Plus did I mention they taste and smell so sugar, sugar.


Currently my collection is consists of three very pretty neutral shades: Caramel, Soda, and Gumdrop. Each shade represents a brown, pink, and purple tone. I typically only own dark and purple tones, but with this collection I decided to opt for softness.

My favorite shade is Gumdrop, I’ve bought like four sticks so far. I guess I enjoy having this shade around because it’s darker than the other two.

I know it’s hard to tell the difference between the Soda and Caramel shades. They are very similar. Again, the reason why I love them so much is because they are soft and natural looking. It’s a good change from my usual dark tones.

I’m not huge on beauty since I’m more of clothes girl. Makeup isn’t necessarily my favorite thing in the world, but I do have products that I live by. And even though I wish I knew more all I can offer is advice. I hope you’ll take it for what’s worth. I’d like to share them more makeup and beauty posts on here. Here’s to trying. As always.

Purchased at Walmart for $6.94


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