Kansas Leftoverture Tour


I never really got to showcase what I wore to the Kansas concert. Better late than never.

Micah gifted me tickets to the Kansas Leftoverture Tour for my birthday. Mainly because I’m a diehard 80s rock fan! They were in town, and well, that’s all you need to know. I was crushing hard. That’s the extent of my excitement.

I highly admire musicians who are so passionate about their work– Kansas is that band. I know I’m too young to get the full effect of what this band is all about, but I’m truly drawn to their music and lyrics. Of course I went crazy when “Carry on my Warywward Son” was played. I was that one person who got up and head banged.

So my outfit consisted of these boots I got from the Buckle that I’m going to showcase later on the blog; mainly because I want you all to pay attention to the tour shirt. That’s the main focus people. It’s definitely fall in Dodge so I’m wearing my favorite fur faux jacket. I’ll link all the items tomorrow when I have more time blog.

Enjoy this for now. Rock on. As always.


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