Sneaking in


I completely forgot to post the outfit I wore to the Oklahoma State game vs Baylor. It’s weeks past. I just thought it was really funny that I purchased this shirt, mainly to make Micah happy, and mainly because it’s black. But then I came to realize that the letters O-S-U are in camo. Yes, it’s something that Micah really loves, and I never thought I’d sport. We both had a good laugh. His influences are sneaking into my life without me realizing it.

It’s just hard to believe sometimes that I’ve met the love of my life.

Because OSU is all about the “orange power,” I wore this plaid shirt. It was totally fitting. It was hot that day, but chilly in the late evening, so tying it around my waist was necessary. I had so much fun at the game. So much fun, I’ve been selfish enough to post about it. I hope to blog tomorrow. As always.



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