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Most of you may have read my continuous hair transformations and therapy routines. I have major hair issues, I’m aware of that. I’ve changed my hair so many times that frankly, I’ve damaged and hurt it to the core. In the past my hair used to be my pride and joy. It’s every girl’s dream to grow a long and silky mane, right? I haven’t been very successful, not for a lack of trying, of course.

In an effort to transform my hair, I’ve collaborated with Maple Holistics and have tried their Tea Tree Shampoo. In one month’s time– I’ve seen MAJOR results.


I naturally have jet-black hair. So I had the genius idea to go light! My hair dresser is amazing and my hair looked great during that period. But it didn’t necessarily feel as good as it looked and with time, the color wore out, and I just couldn’t keep up. It was way too high maintenance for me.

Then, I attempted to go brown all over and that pesky blonde kept reappearing. This time, however, I could definitely see damage. It was Split-End City!


After some months of deep conditioning and staying away from heat. See that post here. Things were looking up. My hair didn’t feel dry. There were split ends, but they weren’t major. I also was able to style my hair and fake the look long enough to call it a night. However, that tough blonde, returned.


Then I had another genius idea. Red! Yay! It was perfect. The shade was burgundy. It was shiny. It was pretty. This color job was mainly to try to hide that blonde, but as you can see from the photo above, it didn’t work very well. Also the major take back from this look was the major fly-aways. They were cringe-worthy.


A month before Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, I trimmed my hair. I also got a fringe. I opted for a deep-chocolate brown. I high-fived health for the first time. This were Tea Tree comes in.


Going into week four of using this product, I can honestly say that my hair is naturally silky and shines too. That color is more radiant than ever. This shampoo also minimized the fly-aways too.

This product is made with natural ingredients such as: Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil. This blend of oils makes my scalp tingle and even noticed a slight hair growth.

In addition to promoting hair growth, the therapeutic benefits come directly of the natural tea tree oil. Other benefits include: Promotes healthy hair growth. Can slow hair loss, shedding, and thinning hair. Helps prevent flaking and dandruff. Capable of soothing an irritated scalp. Potential to naturally eradicates lice. Leaves hair and scalp rejuvenated and fresh.

Maple Holistics is a company that is geared towards enhancing hygiene, health and daily living. Their products are made of therapeutic shampoos, facial masks, bath soaks and more.

What’s also great about this company is that they share free sample size products to try out. You can check out this awesome opportunity by clicking here.

Please fell free to ask my anything more regarding this product. Keep your hair happy. Trust me, you’ll be happy too. As always.

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