Earth Toned


As colder weather approaches, I’ve grown to love earthy tones, and rocking outfits like this one. Today’s look is just so comfortable. You’ve seen this sweater on here before. I just can’t get enough of it. As promised I want to showcase how I repeat certain staples. This sweater is no exception. You’ll see it on here, time-and-time again. Sorry.

I also felt that this jacket contrasted in color and gave the look a cool-girl vibe. Hey, I’m trying to make it a thing. I got this jacket last year (similar here) at JCPennys, which has been my go-to store for a lot of reasons. I hope I can do a post on the store and just some of the items I enjoy the most.

Also the photos on here are edited with Lightroom, I’m trying out various edits before I commit to the one I like. So far I’m digging this one. What are your thoughts? Plus YAY! for straight hair!


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