Thanksgiving 17

Before it gets crazy around here, I just wanted to share my Thanksgiving outfit with everyone. Ironically enough, it’s in the mid-70s today. So I kept my outfit comfortable and basic.

I’m wearing my favorite jeans (of the moment) from Zara and these embroidered booties from Bershka. These are two of my favorite stores right now. The booties are now on sale for $41.93, a wonderful 30% off. These booties don’t disappoint. Although, for me, it’s hard to pair them with just about anything; I really enjoy when I’m able to showcase them.

My plans for Thanksgiving currently consist of Micah watching Batman vs Superman, while my mom prepares our dinner. My brothers are set to come into town to grace us with their presence. I’ve been to church this morning, where I was thankful for faith and family.

It’s hard to be thankful all the time and at every second. Naturally we are, but taking the time to reflect on our blessings, just doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. Today is just that day. It’s that time we need. I’m thankful for so much. I’m thankful for you. Have a great Thanksgiving. Reflect. Love. Eat. As always.


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