My Leather Vest


I’m back!

I’ve been sick. I’ve been busy. I’ve been with family. The holiday season was so great to me. I received a very special gift I’m beyond excited to share with you all. It literally made my entire my life! That’s how HUGE it is. Oh and it’s prudy too. I’ll come back to that later.

Today, I want to catch up by sharing this absolutely great find. The leather vest. For the past years I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect leather vest that radiated rocker girl. This one was found at Stage in Dodge City. Gosh, when I saw it, I felt a jolt of excitement. I haven’t worn it much, but I’m pretty sure, it will be seen on Always Aley more than it should. Don’t get bored. As always.

Outfit details will be posted later, sorry I’m out the door. Enjoy.


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