In Pink


It’s my first blog post of the year, so I better make it a good one.

Last year was great. It was the best of times. I seriously can’t think of a single-terrible thing that happened to me. Of course there are situations that I wish would have turned out differently than others, but that’s life.

For 2018, there’s a major thing that’s happening to me. It’s grand. It’s filled with love. It’s life-changing. I can’t wait to share it with you all. This year kicked off on such a positive note I just want to keep it that way.

Part of that positive-movement is blogging more and consecutively because I want to share as much as possible with my followers. Today, I’m showcasing some of my Christmas gifts such as this beautiful-pink jacket I got as a gift from my mom. She always knows what to get me. She knows my style because she is equally as stylish. I figure I get it from her.

It’s been so cold lately, like for New Year’s the low was -3, too cold to bare. It’s been that way recently, which as been good for me considering I don’t return to work until Monday. Yay for staying indoors. Anyway back to the clothes. I paired this jacket with this thick scarf from Charlotte Russe (FYI: all scarves are now $5).┬áThe booties are new as well. I got them at JCPenney for $19.99. They are comfortable and I’ve appreciated wearing them with just about anything.

I hope that 2018 found you on that positive note and that this year fills you with everything that you’ve been hoping and dreaming for. As always.


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