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I always complain when I’m busy because there is no downtime for blogging. It seems that on hectic days, blogging usually hits pretty low on the totem-pole, and that’s never a good feeling for me. But today, despite the crazy list of things I wanted to accomplish, I was also able to sit down and post what I wore. This makes me feel complete.

School starts back up on Monday and with that also comes the demand for my time. I want to be able to do everything, although I am learning that I can’t please everyone, I want to stay on track. Blogging is important to me.

Today, as I ran around, I wore my all-time favorite jacket from Forever 21. You’ve seen it on here before. I also wore another two great JCPenney finds, the sweater and these cute booties (similar here). Micah gifted me the booties for Christmas thinking they would be prefect for school and he’s totally right. These are the type of shoes I can wear, walk around in all day, and still feel great in the end. I’m a little bummed you can’t fully see the detail on the sweater (ruffles), but it’s pretty chilly in Dodge. FYI this sweater is now on sale for $13.87 and it comes in various and vibrant prints. I’ll have to share it again on here later on.

I’m taking the weekend off to relax and do a little work with Micah before I have to return to work, it’s going to be bittersweet. I promise to keep up posted as often as my life will permit, until then… as always.



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