I wish


There are many things that I wish. Sometimes my wishes are farfetched.

I was so ready to get back to work after the long winter break. However, now that I’m back I long to be in bed past 6 a.m. I long to wear socks around the house all day long. It’s a travesty. At this point, I’m not sure myself what I wish for. Sanity?

Today’s post features another Christmas gift. These Columbia socks are thick, warm, and comfortable. They kept me warm during the harsh winter. The weather dropped to -5 people. I didn’t dare step foot outdoors, so staying in side, with this attire was oh so sweet. Oh to be living in the past. As always.


Gus made an appearance on the blog for the first time since way back when. This monkey was a Valentine’s Day gift from Micah. He’s good at snuggling.

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