I’m getting MARRIED


You should know…

Micah asked me to marry him during Christmas break. It’s taken me so long to shout it through the rooftops for a reason– I have a huge family. Now that the entire Rojas-Womacks clan has been notified, it’s only right that you all hear about the good news.

Last Saturday Micah and I hosted a family engagement party. Mainly so that everyone could meet each other before the big day. It was a time to be with family. We truly enjoyed having all four entities come together and so that they could see just how happy Micah and I are.

We are embarking in a new chapter. For me, it’s a completely new life. I’ll be leaving my parent’s house (finally) and uniting with someone whom I will now call home. It’s so bittersweet, scary, but totally romantic. Micah and I have no doubt in our minds that this is where we belong, with one another. I have been dreaming and praying for a man like Micah my whole life. I’ve kissed so many poisonous toads that have lead me towards the road of destruction. Yet Micah makes all that hurt and pain seem bearable because he in a sense cured me. He’s made me strong. That’s a man worth betting for.

We are getting married in September! In what seems like a short amount of time to plan the perfect wedding, a LOT of things have already been put into place. So far so good. I’ll be sharing at the end of each month, leading to September, what I’ve accomplished in terms of planning. It should be a gran series. I hope to look back to these special moments and smile at all the wonderful memories we’ve all made. As always.


We had our parents meet for sort of the first time… DSC_3107DSC_3151

My cousin Lili couldn’t make it to the party so she sent Micah and I these coffee cups. They were right up Micah’s alley. DSC_3136

My aunt Cristy will be my maid of honor. She means everything to me… DSC_3123DSC_3145

These are some of my cousins and bridesmaids. BTW I’ll have nine ladies helping me walk down the aisle. DSC_3183DSC_3207DSC_3159

We were even more blessed to have my grandma and both sets of Micah’s grandparents present. DSC_3210

Micah surprised me with this beautiful rose-gold diamond engagement ring that makes me really proud to be his!

Next week I’ll share more details on what I planned during the month January. Until then.

7 thoughts on “I’m getting MARRIED

  1. Awww how exciting!! Engagement is the best time, cherish every minute of it. Marriage is amazing too but the fun parts all happen during the engagement time. Also your dress is an absolute dream!

  2. So sweet! Congrats! It’s really great that you got to enjoy this time with both your family and his. My husbands family wasn’t able to be at our wedding and while it was an amazing day, it still would have been so special to have them there.
    Cherish your family and enjoy the planning process!
    Wishing y’all a Happy Wedding and Happy Marriage!
    ~ Ray

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