Jacket This


Hey guys, I’m totally in love with this bomber jacket from H&M. I got it on sale awhile ago for $9.99. It hasn’t been decent enough to wear it for the past two months, but on Sunday the sun came out and warmth graced us if for only a mere 5 hours. It was well worth it.

I paired this jacket with this pretty-colorful dress from the Buckle. The converse shoes were nice and comfortable touch for my Sunday Funday stroll around. I can’t wait to have more days like these.

The Kansas weather has been beyond crazy, I mean I already know it always is, but I can’t ever seem to get used to it. Today it was partly cloudy, tomorrow will be sunny and windy, then we go from 50s to the 90s all in one week. It’s so hard to plan what to take out of the closet. Oh well.

Cheers to Monday. As Always.



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