Girl Wind


Man Dodge City, I’d love to get the heck out of here…

As of late, the wind has been absolutely unbearable. It comes to no surprise, we have days like these almost routinely, yet I can’t ever warm up to them. There’s no pleasure in a windy day… I’ve given up.

As Micah was taking the pictures of today’s look, I couldn’t help but stop and curse at the wind, literally. Micah stood there questioning why he put on a ring on it and said that I needed to be tough during adversity. He was right. Often times I find myself growing impatient way too quickly. It’s more lately. I enjoy blogging, I enjoy Dodge. I enjoy my life. Yet I wasn’t acting like it at the time.

So cheers to life. Cheers to fashion in the wind. Cheers to Def Leppard. Cheers to love. Cheers to adversity.

Today’s outfit is one of my favorites because it showcases this far out crop top featuring my favorite band– Def Leppard. Micah agreed to take me to see them again in the summer and I’m soaked. Mustard is so in right now that this top almost seemed to perfect to pass on. The only exception is the crop top feel, which I’m not too fond of. I would have rather it be a regular sized band tee. But, I’ll it.

I paired the top with this pretty and dark floral skirt from Bershka. I love the pattern and the design. It was perfect for this wind of a day.

Well I’ll keep blogging; stay tune. Don’t forget to subscribe or find me on Instagram. Much love. As always.


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